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Zadok vs. Progress: Who do you think will win Nigerian Idol Season 7?

Faith was eliminated from Nigerian Idol Season 7 on May 15, 2022, leaving the two early favorites. While Zadok is the baritone vocalist, more akin to Darey Art Alade, with the swagger of a Hip-Hop artist, as he never hesitates to say, “Zady dey for you,” Progress is the incredible soprano, who began as somewhat conservative.

Zadok, who performed a Whitney Houston classic in a choir robe that day, has been incredible every week, with the exception of week 8, when Progress absolutely came into his own with a performance of Jessie J’s ‘Bang Bang.’

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The first hypothesis suggested a Zadok hegemony. He drew attention with his masculine good looks, clean cuts, vocals, and ability to choose a member of the audience to serenade. But this writer thought he was an obnoxious show pony who embraced the spotlight.

As the show progressed, this writer gradually transformed his opinion of the singer into a respect for his position as a well-rounded artist, not just a vocalist. He appears to be the most likely of the men on this season’s edition to land a record deal.

Progress, on the other hand, has gradually broken the conservative mold. While he’s a slightly better vocalist than Zadok, with a wider vocal range, his South-South social media supporting cast is incredible. If you tweet something positive about Progress, you are more likely to get 100 retweets than if you tweet something positive about Zadok.

He also has boyish good looks to his advantage.

Overall, it appears that this will be a close race.

Nigerian Idol Season 7 Nigerian Idol Season 7 Nigerian Idol Season 7

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