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Tom Holland is interested in joining the cast of “Euphoria”!

Tom Holland has made it clear that he wants to star in HBO's Emmy-winning series "Euphoria."

After a lengthy production delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the series, which debuted in 2019, will return for a second season soon. While the cast has been teasing how exciting the upcoming season will be, Tom Holland, a fan of the show and the boyfriend of the lead actress, claims that Euphoria season 2 is missing a key character, Himself.

In a recent interview with IMDb, the Marvel star expressed his desire to appear in the Emmy-winning HBO series. He explained, with his arms folded and a jocular tone, that he had been petitioning for this for a long time, that it had not yet happened, and that he was disappointed. I’m sure I’ve been to Euphoria at least 30 times this year. I’d like to be a part of the show!! OK, let me talk to some people at HBO! Zendaya, who was also amused, responded. Let’s call them and see what we can do.

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Tom hinted earlier this year that he would enjoy a Euphoria guest role and that he would love it if his Spiderman co-star Jacob Batalon could also be involved. “I’d love for us to just be in the background of one of Zendaya’s scenes,” the 24-year-old actor told Collider. They’re two of my closest friends, and I’d love to do anything with them, but I also enjoy that show, so it’d be great to be a part of it. “

Based on his performances in dramas such as Cherry, Noise, and Antonio Campos’ adaptation of “The Devil All The Time,” Tom Holland has what it takes to portray one of Euphoria’s troubled teens to perfection.

But… will HBO sign this off? We hope so.

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