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Somebody’s Son: Tiwa Savage Shares A Touching Video Of Brandy Weeping After Recording Her Verse

Brandy performed the song in Yoruba and sang with flair, as one would expect.

The song, which chronicles a woman’s need for love and the warmth of romance after years of sorrow, is in line with Brandy and Tiwa Savage‘s own experiences with heartbreak. Brandy delivered in Yoruba and sung with panache in the song, as anticipated titled ‘Somebody’s Son’

Brandy | Instagram

Watch Brandy‘s beautiful crying moment in the video below.

Brandy is literally the reason why I started singing, literally. As a kid, just listening to I Want To Be Down, every interview I’ve ever had, she’s my favorite, my all-time, my mentor, everything. And I’ve been trying to work with her for years. It was a dream of mine.

Tiwa Savage | Instagram

“And when it happened this time, it’s not even just music, we connected like sisters. She’s someone that I speak to literally every other day. It’s beyond my expectation.”

‘Somebody’s Son’ seems to be the first single off Savage’s new EP, Water, and Garri.

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