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Review of Victony’s ‘Outlaw’ EP

Many of those who heard Victony's debut EP Saturn attested to his special talent, but the EP didn't do for him what the EP did and continues to do for successful Industry newcomers.

Victony was fighting for his life months after releasing his debut EP when tragedy struck. Victony won the battle, much to the delight and relief of his fans and colleagues. The accident, on the other hand, made him known to those who were unfamiliar with his music.

For musicians, music is their primary identity, and everything else is secondary. And any self-respecting artist would be concerned if the secondary replaced the primary.

There was a burden to prove his talent, and Victony set out to fulfill it. He made a name for himself in a few collaborations, most notably Mayorkun’s Holy Father and Savage’s Rosemary.

While Victony’s talent shone through in these collaborations, the audience was curious if he could do it on his own. It’s one thing to perform in groups, but it’s quite another to perform alone. Victony appears to have been a victim of the doubt that BNXN’s debut EP instilled in the hearts of fans.

The ‘Outlaw’ EP is Victony’s response to skeptics who needed convincing and fans who needed confirmation of his talent.

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Victony announces himself as one who is not willing to kowtow to the industry standard of imposed modesty on upcoming talents with the ‘Outlaw’ EP.

Victony’s sound aficionados would have known what to expect from the EP. There’d be a lot of sweet singing, catchy phrases, chick flick bits, bad boy vibes, sexual innuendos, and vulnerability.

‘Outlaw’ meets all expectations but doesn’t go much further. It’s predictable, but not completely dull. It’s entertaining but not mind-blowing. In terms of writing, the EP doesn’t break any new ground.

Victony discusses his struggles, his detractors, and the role of a superior force in his life in the first track, ‘Outlaw.’ His voice is straightforward, calm, and melodiously progressive. The first lines rhyme with the patua opener, and the writing is adequate. “Champion Boy” is a recurring phrase on the track that represents Victony’s self-esteem.

Victony’s version of a Smash and Dash situation, only this time he’s on the receiving end. Again, the singing is straightforward and progressive. Victony paints a sexual picture that is enhanced by the beat’s slow bounce and subtle sound.

Victony’s play for an Amapiano hit is Apollo. While it’s a fun song, it’s limited by potential over-singing and a painful lack of memorable lines. While the hook allows the beat to shine, Victony’s singing completely overshadows it.

The song could have used a line like “Hello, you carry baka like ah philo” Memorable lines are the soul of Amapiano hits, and their absence in Apollo did the song a great disservice.

Perhaps lines like “Everything is good for your body. It’s a miraculous body. Your body is my resurrection dey “was intended to be catchy, but they, like the rest of the song, fall flat. Enjoyable no less but the lack of catchy lines and catchy flows makes Apollo forgettable.

“All power belongs to your bum bum” is a line that would have served Apollo better. All Power sounds like a Rema-inspired song, and while fans of Victony’s voice will enjoy it, others may not.

The hook is nice and catchy, but that’s about it for the single. While Victony’s singing ability is central to All Power, the melody maintains the same pitch from beginning to end, making it sound monotonous.

Victony is a singer, and while he lacks Brymo and Wande Coal’s vocal elasticity, he knows how to use his voice. His vocal prowess was on full display on Jolene and Soweto. Both singles are really good, especially as the latter had Victony sounding like Omah Lay.

The melody and non-stop singing propel ‘Outlaw,’ which is complemented by mid-tempo beats and subtle strings. Some listeners may find it entertaining, while others may find it somewhat monotonous. The writing is adequate. And, while the writing on ‘Outlaw’ and Chop & Slide is good, Victony’s writing isn’t up to the standard where he can quote Omah Lay’s pen game tweet with “LOL”

Overall, ‘Outlaw’ is a good EP with good songs. The production does just enough to put Victony in his element, allowing him to freely and confidently express himself. It also has enough enjoyable songs to satisfy a variety of cravings. While the EP may sound repetitive at times, its twenty-minute length makes it easy to listen to.

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