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Orezi returns with new catchy tune, 'No Advise Me'

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Afrobeats sensation Orezi has returned with a new single titled ‘No Advise Me’.

Artist: Orezi

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Song Title: No Advise Me

Genre: Afrobeats

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Date of Release: November 18th, 2022

Producer: Banana Boy

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Song Art:

Orezi – ‘No Advice Me’

Length: 2 minutes 58 seconds

Features: NONE

Label: GehnGehn Music Empire

Details/Takeaway: Orezi is one of the talents whose music caused quite a stir in the Afrobeats scene and he returns with a new single which offers a reminder of his talent. ‘No Advice Me’ is a feel-good Afrobeats single in which Orezi demands that he be left to live his life the way he pleases.


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