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Nigerians bounce back M.I. Abaga over twitter #securethetribe comments

Jude M.I. Abaga, often known as M.I., has been chastised by Nigerians on Twitter for adopting a neutral stance in a sensitive Afro-American debate.

The hashtag “#Securethetribe” was used to address African immigration and its impact on African-Americans. The space, which is led by Tariq Nasheed, an American social media pundit, contends that African immigrants are not contributing to the socioeconomic structure of the United States.

M.I. Abaga, a rapper and music producer, expressed his views, encouraging cooperation between the two cultures and pointing to white-supremacy beliefs as the shared adversary, having been a victim of racism throughout his studies in the United States. M.I. Abaga went on to say that members of both groups should band together in order to go forward as leaders and pragmatic Black people.

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In M.I. Abaga’s words,

“I acknowledge the sacrifices these people have done to enable me to walk free in the US and whatever the rights that I had. I was racially abused in the US myself, but as I look through the crowd, I see so many Nigerian leaders and not just the young people, but leaders.

People that are powerful, launching ecosystems and unicorns. And one of the things we can leave this space accomplishing is identifying who are our true enemy is as a people; like really identifying, because I don’t know if anyone is hearing that, maybe from this point, we can clearly head towards that direction.

I would hope that from this point we can start moving forward to identify what our true enemy is, what all our positions are, how we can unite together, how we can start to create ecosystems and I want to learn from my Foundational Black American brother (Tariq) how to battle this demon. And I want to do it in a safe space, where I feel valued, respected and can learn from mistakes.

But as leaders, educators, forward-thinking Black people need to identify clearly who our enemy is and work together to defeat this enemy and create a better world for everyone. The beneficiary of a world where Black people are truly free is everyone even the White Supremacist that doesn’t realize it.”

After airing his thoughts, some Twitter users were left unimpressed with the artiste as they lambasted M.I. Abaga for his take which they perceived as a political comment rather than taking a stand for his community.

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