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“Music saved my life” Says Jezzyken

Ogechukwu, Ezeja Kenneth, popularly known as Jezzyken, told his experience in an exclusive interview, beginning his narration with his secondary school days.

“I was timid and always on my own which made me not have many friends, I’m always indoor. My only hobby was listening to music and writing computer programs. My brother and I would spend hours analyzing different sounds and genres of music.” He stated.

He recounted beginning his musical career as a music producer, adding that he could not save enough for music studio equipment, but his love was so strong that he had to utilize his tuition money to get his first set of musical instruments.

He would stay up all night rehearsing in his room with his supporting brother, who does not complain when the sound of instruments wakes him up at night, and he would occasionally join Jezzyken and they would both vibe to the rhythms.

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Jezzyken’s career as a beatmaker was going well, but his shyness and introversion made it difficult for him to connect with artists and sell his beat, which became a major difficulty after spending a lot of money on equipment.

“I had to start vibing to my instrumentals and beats and before I knew it my classmates would gather at my window singing along,” Jezzyken said. He gradually became popular in his neighborhood and school and began earning stipends from neighbors, friends, and other music lovers before putting together a formidable team to create his record label Mys3lyf and as since till date been striving as an independent artiste making waves and doing exploits releasing his first single “Ecstasy” in 2019 and his first Ep “SUBZERO” in 2020 with other hits songs in consequent years.

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