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Inside Rema’s ‘Rave & Roses’ album cover

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Inside Rema’s ‘Rave & Roses’ album cover , if Rema‘s album cover appears strange to you, here is a breakdown of the visual symbolism for Rave & Roses.

Music covers are an overall representation of the track’s or project’s message or theme. Unfortunately, the incorporation of creativity into album covers has slowed over time due to artists’ desire to focus solely on the music and themselves. However, the importance of cover arts and poster images has begun to be revived by this new wave of musical talents. Rema, a 21-year-old Mavin/Jonzing World signee, is one artist championing this trend. Since his debut in 2019 with his self-titled EP Rema, the distinctiveness of the cover arts that accompanied each release has exemplified his novel style and eclectic take on Afrobeat. It demonstrated that his visual sense was as exceptional as his lyrical mastery.

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Despite careful examination, it is difficult to pin down the entire theme of Rave & Roses to a single symbol in the distinctive cover art that has been revealed. The first is,

  • The Swing
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The swing is suspended from a cloud in the upper right corner. This swing appeared on the cover of his debut album, catapulting him into the spotlight. It was also featured in the 2020 film Ginger Me. The swing appears in songs, where Rema freely basks, childlike innocence, pursuit of thrill, and the glory of youthful success, for this writer and anyone observant enough to notice.

  • The Smiling Sun

A smiling sun is depicted in the upper left corner. This symbol first appeared in last year’s smashing seductive summer hit Soundgasm, alluding to the record’s potential to be the heart of Rave & Roses. Aside from that, the smiling sun represents that this album is for the summer.

  • The Tree & Sword
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Rema has an eye-catching tattoo of a tree on his chest and a sword on his neck. Little did we know at the time that he was foreshadowing his debut album when he made this public. There is an in the lower-left corner.

A tree and a sword were stumped next to it. This tree was also featured in the 2020 film Ginger me.

  • The inverted house & the falling skeleton

The artwork then features a vertically inverted building on fire in the center, with two roses lying side by side beside it. A skeleton holding a bouquet of flowers is on the verge of death, symbolizing heartbreak and the hazy concept of love for young adults in this no-commitment obsessed era.

With the current Rave & Roses cover, it’s nearly impossible to pin down the message to a single symbol. However, it is clear that the various easter eggs, references, and callbacks are from every moment in Rema’s career that has led him to this point. Rema has made it clear that he is interested in the visual arts, so much so that a highlight reel on his Instagram page is solely dedicated to fan art.

The Rave Lorde is known for his subtle symbolism and attention to detail in his music covers, as evidenced by his discography. Rema dissected the cover art for Bounce, illustrated by Iamwillysart, in a YouTube special last year. Inside, various versions of himself fought each other. This he interpreted as him competing with himself. Hopefully, he’ll do the same for his debut album, which is due out next month.

Rema’s music is always fantastic, but she adds another element for consumption in the form of stunning cover artworks that deserve multiple viewings as you inevitably leave the songs on repeat.

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