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Endless Joy discusses her part as a gospel singer

Endless Joy speaks on her mission as a gospel singer.

Musicians have different aspirations for what they want to do with their arts. For some, its to entertain, for others, it is deeper than that.

Joy Ezeh better known as Endless Joy is one of the latter.

The Imo State-born singer is passionate about spreading unlimited joy to individuals who come in contact with her music.

The US-based songstress has released songs like ‘Achiwalam’, ‘Chizaramekpere’, ‘Uncountable’.

“If you have listened to my songs, you will realize that I am not singing for fun or to entertain, It is to praise &worship. It is a choice,” she told Pulse.

“It is from within. I am praising and worshipping God. The joy is that I am gifted with such a voice. It is a debt I owe to God and as such, my inspiration is simply from God.

“Most of my songs are inspired by God’s word, from my life’s story, and from my surroundings.

“I sometimes take time out to meditate too. During such times, I also get inspiration for songs. It is all about God. It is all about worshipping him”.

Raised in Umuahia as the third female child of her mum, growing was quite tough for her.

“Everyone had to hustle to aid the effort of our parents. I was literally a goal-getter at my teen stage,” she said.

From primary to my secondary stages, my peers and mates knew me as one who didn’t see a mountain as a hindrance.

With the spirituality attached to gospel music, Endless Joy is adamant that God alone should be the focus of her message.

“Our kind of music is not ordinary. We don’t sing; we worship. Gospel artistes are not supposed to engage in praise-singing of men,” she said.

We are expected to worship God only using our gift.It is disheartening that most of the gospel artists are now derailing because of materialistic tendencies which don’t correlate with our mandate which is enshrined in the book of Matthew 6:33.

We are expected to worship God alone while God makes all things come through for us.

“Gospel artistes should stand firm upon their core mandate and stop selling their gifts for money as Esau did with his birthright.

Endless Joy is preparing to release a record title ‘Better’ later in September.

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