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Debate: Who is funnier in movies, Kevin Hart or Ryan Reynolds?

We can still be friends even if we disagree.

On Twitter, a discussion recently erupted about who is funnier in movies. It was one of those conversations that pitted two performers against one other. This comparison is reasonable given the honors and filmographies attributed to these two Hollywood titans; nevertheless, when it comes to the ability to effortlessly induce laughter in real life and on television, Ryan Reynolds might learn a thing or two from Kevin Hart.

Please bear with me. First and foremost, Kevin Hart is a real comedian who has been doing stand-up comedy for the past twenty years, as seen by his most recent Netflix comedy special, Zero Fucks. But set aside their years of stand-up comedy expertise and look at this discussion through the lens of the films they’ve appeared in and the roles they’ve played.

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Make no doubt about it. Ryan Reynolds is fantastic!

Ryan Reynolds is a fantastic actor. To say he is amazing would be an understatement. He imbues his characters with incredible charisma and charm. Although the same may be said about Kevin Hart, it goes without saying that the Deadpool actor does not act in his films.

He is so skilled at delivering a comedic experience that he doesn’t need to fully immerse himself in character. It comes so easy to him that it’s presumed he simply walks on stage to be himself because he’s naturally humorous. Reynolds has the ability to speak the oddest statement in such a manner that it elicits a rib-cracking reaction from the audience. In a viral TikTok analysis, a film critic compiled a list of A-list actors who appeared to be portraying themselves in all of the films in which they appeared, and Robert Downey Jr. was none other than Ryan Reynolds.

Kevin Hart, on the other hand, is more amusing.

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Kevin Hart, on the other hand, is a stand-up comedian. In terms of trash talk, amusing facial expressions, and meme-worthy moments, he has the upper hand over Ryan Reynolds in the varied types of roles he portrays.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

If we compare their most successful film series, Deadpool and Jumanji, Kevin produced a more comedic performance; and this leads to another element to consider as to why Kevin Hart has the upper hand in this dispute. His portrayal of characters in his films does not come readily to him, as it does to Ryan Reynolds.

The happy medium

But do these disparities in characteristics make Reynold’s humor delivery less effective? No! Is it true that Hart is a stronger comic actor now that he puts more effort and seriousness into his roles? probably!. Does Ryan Reynolds’ straightforward approach to acting make him a greater actor than Kevin Hart, or just very talented? You make the call.

To summarize

In all honesty, the discussion over whether Kevin Hart or Ryan Reynolds is funnier in movies or in real life is a contrast of updated mastery vs pure unfiltered aptitude. When comparing Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart’s capacity to transmit humour, it’s a no-brainer because their comedy is mimicked through opposite patterns. In films, it goes to Ryan Reynolds; in stand-up, it goes to Kevin Hart. However, for the interest of film banter, let us go a step further and assess who is better at comedy in both areas, and the answer is Kevin Hart. And even if we disagree, we may be friends.

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