Death Match: Ultimate Afrobeats XI- Men’s Team

Black diamond Wande Coal

Ever wondered what team would represent Nigeria if ever there was a continental music death match? No subs allowed, just one starting XI in a must win match up?

Nigeria is currently blessed with the majority of talents on the African continent; consisting an AfroSpace so vast; the sufficiency of sounds could last a thousand generations to come.

Highly evident based on the dominance on the local and international market, Afrobeats is not slowing down, thanks to the Nigerian superstars bagging seasonal achievements on the global charts.

But that aside, If there was a global musical match up that involved all the continents on the planet going head to head in a death match tournament, who would Team Afrobeats field in that match.

Not so fast though……, very importantly, bearing in mind the absence of no substitutions, meaning it’s entirely down to 11 superstars alone.

Obviously, in every global tournament there’s what we call the “qualifiers” to determine who makes the final play offs before the semi’s and then the epic finale.

Nigeria’s team Afrobeats would no doubt literally best any contender in Africa but what team would be best placed to take us to the grand finale and even win the Musical World Cup?

Expect a few shockers here and there as we look at how Afrobeats could line up in that event:

GK – Wande Coal

Black diamond Wande Coal

There are few artistes in Africa who can actually compete with this veteran’s vocals. Nigeria’s Black Diamond is unarguably an all time great in the music Industry.

The former Mo-Hits songster was among the artistes who revolutionized Afro r&b into what it is today.

Wande is a certified r&b hitmaker, his vocal dexterity is awesomely hanging around perfection as is his versatile music style.

His amazing song writing skills as well as his prolific versatility would be very much key to Afrobeats chances of success at the world cup. He starts in goal here.

LB – Omah Lay

Nigerian music star Omah Lay [Instagram/OmahLay]
Nigerian music star Omah Lay [Instagram/OmahLay]

Till date no African act boasts a better EP than Omah Lay’s “Get Layd”. It seriously reeked perfection.

What Omah Lay did with that project was staggering.

At a time when the 2020 global pandemic forced a national lockdown, this Port Harcourt genius released a project that made Nigerians stop for one second and actually appreciate good music.

The influence of Omah Lay’s debut project was inspirational to the entire music market on the continent and it’s no surprise it amassed gargantuan numbers digitally.

His musical potential is really huge and essential for Afrobeats itself, He would no doubt be one of the next generation’s greatest hitmakers in Nigeria and that’s why he makes it to this team.

CB – 2baba

2face Idibia
2face Idibia

One of the reason why Afrobeats is where it is today is because of this veteran. Tubaba has grown the core roots of Nigerian music into what it is today. His versatility is undeniable as is his incredible songwriting. Tubaba is a complete artiste. The 46 year old is one of the most decorated afropop artistes of all time and no doubt one of the all time greats in Afrobeats. This team would need his musical experience at the heart of the defense to really compete at the finals.

CB – Flavour Nabania


Flavour is the face of Eastern Nigerian music. He revolutionized Afro r&b into what it is today is one of the master’s of that sound. He’s also an exceptional songwriter and vocalist.

He might be a surprise inclusion in this team but his years of experience succesfully touring countries on the African continent is key knowledge is conquering opponents in our qualifying fixtures.

He’s more likely to partner Afrobeats’ legend Tubaba in central defense. A perfect blend of exposure and versatility at it’s very best.

RB – Brymo


Brymo is arguably one of Afrobeats most underrated artistes of all time. Many might argue this for a fact but there are not many artistes in Nigeria who can actually write better than this man. Often times, he’s seen as an enigma because it’s hard to qualify nor define his sound. Brymo is a versatile singer and songwriter and tends to bring a different element to this team. He’s one player the tournament would underestimate at their own peril unfortunately because he’s just that good. And also being that the team’s selection isn’t a popularity contest; his inclusion is not even up for debate.

MID – Mr Eazi

Mr. Eazi
Mr. Eazi

‘The Don” as he is fondly called is the pioneer of “Banku” music and responsible for the birth of Afrobeats young superstar- Joeboy.

Mr Eazi has touched all sorts of genres in his career gaining experience in the fusion of his sound with other foreign genres since his spectacular break out in 2015.

The Don is a hitmaker by all standards, amassing streams globally and on the continent.

Till date he remains one of Spotify’s most streamed African artistes of all time.

He’s more likely to have an idea of the opposition teams’ strengths and weaknesses. His experience is very much needed in this team’s midfield, thus his inclusion here.

MID – Rema

Rema (Instagram/HeisRema)
Rema (Instagram/HeisRema)

Mavin signee Rema, has surely wasted no time in making a name for himself in Nigerian music , establishing himself as one of the future ambassadors of Afrobeats under the tutelage of Industry moguls, Don Jazzy and D’Prince.

His potentials are in fact, scary especially considering the amount of digital streams he’s currently amassed without an album yet and high profile collaborations to his name at his age.

The 21 year old’s prolific singing and melodious songwriting makes him an essential midfield playmaker for Team Afrobeats with potentials to create more hits and score bangers right from the midfield.

MID – Olamide

Olamide (YBNL)
Olamide (YBNL)

The YBNL boss might have been the only rapper to appear on the list, but even Afrobeats will never forgive his exemption from this team.

The King Of the streets is the definition of “premium consistency” at the highest level.

It’s incredible how we can’t even tell if he’s past his peak years.

Every time you think he’s in decline, he drops jams.

He is a certified hitmaker and arguably one of the greatest rapper in Afrobeats, he’s an all time great. He’s a multiple award winner and music mogul.

Olamide “Badoo” is super versatile and never quite struggles with emerging sounds.

He’s the leader in this midfield trio and the defining link between attack and midfield. An obvious inclusion that can’t be argued by anybody,… one in fact.

RW – Davido

Nigerian music star Davido [Instagram/Davido]
Nigerian music star Davido [Instagram/Davido]

The DMW boss is a certified plantinum hitmaker.

He’s won nearly all, if not all the music awards on the African continent.

Davido is one of the faces of Afrobeats globally and is already a music icon in his own right spanning hits upon hits in the last decade.

Many might question his songwriting but one thing that cannot be argued is his ability to turn songs into hits.

His experience on the global scale is one that is needed in this deadly attack.

He no doubt starts up front for this team as he’s guaranteed to score us hits when we need them.

LW – Burna Boy

Burna Boy
Burna Boy

The self- acclaimed “African Giant” and Grammy award winning artiste is the master of Afro-fusion.

He is the most versatile artiste in this attack and versatility is a trait this team needs in every aspect of the pitch.

Burna Boy is no doubt one of Afrobeats’s greatest gifts; he has crossed international borders countless times with his sounds breaking new grounds and earning achievements internationally with his sound.

If Team Afrobeats is to stand a chance in attack, they no doubt need this superstar’s singing and songwriting prowess as well as his experience working with the biggest names across the world.

It’s an essential ammunition to blow out any opposition really.

ST – Wizkid

Wizkid (Instagram/Wizkid)
Wizkid (Instagram/Wizkid)

Inevitably, the greatest Afrobeats artiste of his generation, Starboy Wizkid is the embodiment of what Afrobeats is in its entirety.

Widely regarded as the greatest artiste in Nigeria, the grammy award winning superstar will lead this team’s attack.

For Macahala, making hits seems very easy the way he drops jams over the last decade. He’s currently Africa’s No.1 Artiste on Spotify and looks set to swoop yet another Grammy next year.

He would no doubt Captain and lead Afrobeats to glory in any match. His incredible versatility and killer instinct makes him one of the most successful artistes in the world. What is Team Afrobeats without Wizkid? One can hardly even imagine it.

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