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Cinderella 2021 Review: When A Fairytale Meets Politics

Kay Cannon's version of the classic fairytale "Cinderella" tries so hard to be cool.

Modern remakes and politics should not be allowed to mess with a story as legendary as “Cinderella.”

It’s a fairy tale about a poor girl who falls in love with a prince in glass slippers and lives happily ever after. However, the story here is the polar opposite.

Cinderella, played by singer and songwriter ‘Camilla Cabello,’ shatters the damsel in distress trope, exhibiting traits and a personality that the Disney main character lacked in 2001.

In the name of cultural evolution and representation, some of these changes are commendable. Despite this, the film tries so hard to appear cool and appealing to a 2021 audience that it unconsciously strays from the major themes that we all know a classic Cinderella story is about.

Not only do the song performances and choreography fail to tell a true rag to riches story. It’s as if the songs and choreography were created solely for performance. Camilla Cabello looked like she was in a music video.

Because there are few or no genuine emotions to display, this adaptation does not provide an emotional rollercoaster.

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Nicholas Galitine, Billy Porter, who plays the black gender-neutral fairy godmother, and Idina Menzel from Frozen all give outstanding performances. You can see the effort that went into putting on a show that was worth paying for. The conversational dialogue, on the other hand, is incredibly predictable, and the humor it is supposed to deliver is cringe-worthy.

The film’s hazy beginning and numerous plot holes are what irritate me the most. There is no backstory about Cinderella’s early childhood or how she came to live with her evil stepmother, for example.

Many things were also inserted, whether they were simple punchlines or not. How could Cinderella have missed the prince when he wore a scarf around his head and pretended to be a peasant? What does he mean when he says, “We live in an old-fashioned kingdom?” That sounds unbelievable. It’s supposed to be the late 1800s, so go ahead and dress the part!

The transformation of Cinderella’s personality is another noteworthy change. She is more than a peasant housemaid; she is an ambitious, driven woman striding in glass slippers, providing an exciting and inspiring story to the young audience that this film aims to reach. That, despite societal doubts and stigma, you can be anything and everything you want to be.

A huge success comes at a price. While Cinderella 2021 triumphs in the eyes of pop culture by shattering identity labels, this victory comes at the cost of stripping this fairytale classic of its initial simplicity and innocence.

Israel Olorunnisola is a self-employed artist. When he isn’t writing about film, music, television, or pop culture, he can be found on Wattpad telling stories.

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