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‘Buried,’ a film by Charles Obi Emere, is set to premiere on Amazon Prime.

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Charles Obi Emere‘s 2021 short film ‘Buried’ has joined the growing list of titles premiering on Amazon Prime in the streaming service’s latest entry into Nollywood.

The film, directed by Chinyere Ohuonu, tells the story of 33-year-old Ekanem, who returns home after years of estrangement from his family to perform the funeral rites of his late brother, but first he must deal with the wrath of his father and sister, who never want to see him again.

‘Buried’ stars Seun Ajayi in the lead and Toyin Oshinaike, Belinda Yanga-Agedah in supporting roles.

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According to Emere who doubles as the film’s writer, ‘Buried’ is based on true events inspired by the near-death experience of his brother following an overdose.

Speaking on his deal with the streamer, Emere shared: “I remember one night Chinyere and I talked extensively about the future of Buried. This was way before we shot the film. We were concerned about festival runs and how much the pandemic would pose as a challenge, as only a few festivals were willing to host live editions – most were going virtual.

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“We knew that we had to find an alternative means of distribution so as to work with the limitations rather than against them. We basically manifested the deal with Amazon PVD. We believed strongly that we would go to a streaming platform.”

According to reports, the short film is the first in a long list of upcoming projects confirmed by Trifocal Studios.

The short film, which is currently streaming on Amazon, joins a slew of new licensing agreements with major studios, including Inkblot and Anthill.

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