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Blinken takes aim at Russia, China in Senegal

The closing leg of the US Secretary of State’s tour of West Africa was in Senegal where he spoke about the superpowers.

The American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken who has recently been touring West Africa landed in Senegal after having visited Nigeria and Kenya earlier.

His visits are supposed to serve to deepen American relations with the African countries. During his visit to Senegal on the final lap of his tour, he witnessed the signing of contracts worth up to $1 billion.

The contracts he said are supposed to signify the spirit of American investment in the continent without saddling it with debt as opposed to the tack the Chinese have been taking with its loans through Belts and Roads Initiative which is believed can only hinder the continent’s economy in the long run.

The disposition of American investment on the continent he alluded was to stimulate growth and not saddle it with debts that it would not be able to repay in the long term.

Blinken in his speech also mentioned the going-ons in neighboring Mali in his speech and warned against foreign intervention that could worsen the situation that the West African nation is experiencing with the military takeover.

“I would only add that I think it would be especially unfortunate if outside actors engage in making things even more difficult and more complicated, and I’m thinking particularly of groups like the Wagner Group in Mali,” Blinken said.

The group which is widely believed to have close ties with the Kremlin may not be serving the immediate interest of Mali and could aggravate the crisis in the country.

“We look forward to resuming the full array of assistance as soon as this democratically elected government takes office.”

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